Pricing for everyone.

Since we are an open market place the prices can vary with service and the experience of the chef. Chefs are often okay with working for an hourly rate. Change your expectation of who can afford a personal chef, those on a budget can arrange 10 meals that may take a chef two hours for $60 plus groceries.

Prices Vary. Dinner party? Yup, we can cover that. A wedding? No problem, we got you. You get the idea. Here are some prices to give you an idea and exact prices will be worked out between you and your chef.

Small Party

plus goceries
2-7 Guests
Non-alcoholic beverages
Gocery Pickup
Clean up
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Strictly Hourly

Kitchen Help
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Cooking class

Have an event and offer a cooking class.
2-10 Guests
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Find what you need

We attract chefs with different expertise, styles, and availabilities.

Connect as needed

No matter the situation someone can fill the need. Browse, connect, schedule, and enjoy with Cheff.

Establish new relationships.

Few things in life should be as personal as what we put into our mouths.


Great food and service with the freedom of choice.

Expect only the best when you hire a chef based on your needs.

Wether you own a restaurant, have an event, or want customized food every day of the week. You professional cook can tailor the experience to you.

Its an open platform. We can't restrict your wants so refuse to try. If want a chef to for a class or work a shift all you have to do is ask. Our competitors insist you sign up and follow a strict process on both ends. We want to connect you. Plain and simple.


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Contact chefs for your to start the conversation about your needs


Schedule and enjoy

Questions? Ask us

Do you proccess payment?

Yes, we use stripe and can accept anyone stripe does.

How are the chefs vetted?

Maintaining quality is our highest priority.We do vet chef's in a variety of ways, it's a human process of interacting with our chefs. If we don't feel comfortable with using them for the services they offer we will not list them.

What is the process for chef.

Signup as a chef and we will contact you.

What is your story?

We are a young startup out of Chicago that want to make the food industry better.


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