Create, Offer and Serve.

Wether you own a restaurant, cater events, or offer customized food every day of the week. We are the platform to tailor the customer experience.

Its an open platform. We can't restrict your clients wants so refuse to restrict what you can offer. If we want a chef to offer a class or work a shift all you have to do is ask. Our competitors insist you sign up and follow a strict process on both ends. We want to connect you. Plain and simple.

Create Cotent

Create blogs

Chat with prospective cliets

Serve you clients needs.

Create Your Profile

Connect with new clients

Offer meals offered everyday. You can cook for the week and package per your specifications.

Comparable to Freshly except it will come from your personal chef.

Allow your business to scale. Hire chefs as you need them. For a shift, event, week. Whatever your business needs.

The process is similar and just as easy as getting one chef or 100 chefs.

You will be prioritized. We will provide you a concierge to serve you. For personal content creation and assistance

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Do you proccess payment?

Yes, we use stripe and can accept anyone stripe does.

How are the chefs vetted?

Maintaining quality is our highest priority.We do vet chef's in a variety of ways, it's a human process of interacting with our chefs. If we don't feel comfortable with using them for the services they offer we will not list them.

What is the process for chef.

Signup as a chef and we will contact you.

What is your story?

We are a young startup out of Chicago that want to make the food industry better.